As I prepare to debut my first collection, and with the launch of our new website, it’s time to write my first HOLLY CALDWELL™ blog entry. I thought perhaps a brief look back, as well as a hint to what I’ll be blogging about in future posts would be a good start.

So first, a look back. The past two years have been nothing short of astounding.  At the risk of sounding cliché, it’s all about the journey. Really. As I moved from one phase to another, through a series of mostly ups and a few set backs, and through my travels, I’ve observed and experienced so many amazing things. With each milestone, the often unexpected way we got there; and, with each set back, how each was either an important lesson, or even a blessing in disguise. Along the way, I’ve learned more than ever before to observe and be inspired by the people, places, and seemingly ordinary things I encounter every day. I’ve also experienced an inordinate amount of kindness, generosity, and goodness from so many people. People with no agenda, but simply found joy in helping. To all of you, and you know who you are, I am astounded by your generous spirits, your willingness to share your time and wisdom, as well as your unwavering encouragement, enthusiasm and support. I am humbled, truly. Thank you. I hope to bring the joyful spirit you’ve helped to instill into the heart of this company to our work, employees, customers and partners as we move forward.

As to future blog entries, I want to share the stories and images of the amazing people, places and experiences that I encounter along the way. Things that take my breath away, inspire or simply make me smile. Some may say that I should remain more mysterious and less revealing. But really, that’s not me at all. I hope to inspire, and be inspired. To seek joy. To amaze, and be amazed. And to give generously, and receive graciously. HC.