Mr Kent conducts the chorus in their beautiful performance in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Mr Kent conducts the chorus in their beautiful performance hall in Westerly, Rhode Island.

I’m writing today to mark the bittersweet announcement of Mr. George Kent’s 53rd and final season as the Maestro of The Chorus of Westerly. The Chorus, known around the world for their beautiful, pure sound and perfect composition, combines the voices of both children and adults, and is over 200 strong. They are a rare and special gift to my hometown.

For me, music is essential to life, like air or water. Whether it’s Mozart or The Rolling Stones, music feeds my soul, gives me energy, brings me focus and drives my creativity. There are few experiences in life that touch our souls so deeply, that we are moved to tears. Very often, for me, it’s music—when a rare or special piece brings such emotional release.

Remarkably, during nearly every performance by the Chorus, I cry. A recent performance of Mozart’s Mass in C Minor was among the most beautiful pieces I’d ever heard. This year’s season was just announced, and the works chosen seem just perfect for Mr. Kent’s finale.

I count myself among the lucky to have grown up in a place with such a rare gem in close proximity, and want to thank Mr. Kent for his many years of “service” to all of us. He is and always has been committed to making it perfect, every time, and to enhancing the lives of those around him through his art. To be in his presence, one cannot help but be inspired. I look forward to each and every note this season. I also wish the chorus and my dear nephew Ryan Saunders, Executive Director of the distinguished group, the very best in continuing the tradition for generations of singers and audiences to come. Thank you for the tears. HC.

A photo of the Charlotte Marie taken during our F/W 2010 shoot in the chorus hall. Photographed
in natural light by Derek Dudek, atop Mr. Kent’s Steinway. Beautiful.

This Year's poster for the Chorus of Westerly. Click the poster above to visit their website!